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Our network of collaborative, multi-disciplinary experts works strategically and in real-time to help Upwell clients reach their goals.

We provide comprehensive care with a private approach. Each client benefits from having their own Team Advisor to coordinate their care at every step of the way. They also receive ongoing access to the Therapy Concierge Desk, which allows clients to get what they need at any time.

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Photo of Elizabeth McGuire

Elizabeth McGuire, Upwell Advisors Founder & CEO

Elizabeth McGuire, founder, and CEO of Upwell Advisors, brings a unique perspective shaped by an unexpected journey into the field of therapy. Born and raised in the Midwest, Elizabeth's initial career aspirations were far removed from the world of mental health. But life has a way of altering plans, and so it did for her.


During college, Elizabeth navigated a series of personal challenges, including the end of her competitive tennis career and her parent's divorce. Amidst these changes, she found solace in literature and began to appreciate its exploration of character development. This interest laid the foundation for a newfound passion – psychotherapy. She discovered an insatiable curiosity to understand what works best for different individuals and why certain approaches work where others do not.

After college, she worked with foster kids in California, an experience that solidified her love for therapy. Her training at prestigious institutions like Wellesley and Duke McLean Hospital, gave her exposure to a variety of therapeutic models and methods. Over the course of her career, she has visited over 300 treatment programs and therapeutic schools nationwide. 


Today, Elizabeth leads Upwell Advisors with the wisdom gained from her varied experiences and the knowledge acquired over years of study and practice. Her work is powered by a love for what she does and the joy she finds in seeing her clients succeed.


In the ever-evolving field of therapy, Elizabeth continues her quest for understanding and innovation, always focusing on the individual needs of her clients.

Meet the Founder

Elizabeth McGuire brings over 25 years of experience in the world of concierge mental health services.   

Portrait of Elizabeth McGuire
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